Funny Yo

Funny Yo 1.0

Funny Yo is a free platform game in which you will have to collect coins
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Falco Software, Inc.

Funny Yo is a free platform game.
You will control a brave girl, Funny Yo, whose task is to go trough the different levels, collecting gold coins and avoiding to be touched by snails, giant hedgehogs, birds and poisonous plants. To do this, you will have to use your keyboard to go left or right, jump or shot an enemy. Sometimes, you will have to jump on a platform with a string. Doing that you will jump higher. Other way to kill enemies is jumping on them.

Sometimes, you will have the opportunity to collect some bonuses, that will give you invulnerability, shots, life, etc. The different levels have hidden places that host mini games. Playing them you can collect a lot of coins. You will need as many coins as you can collect to defeat the final boss.

You will be able to control your health status by looking at the upper left corner of the screen. Your health will show five hearts if everything´s OK, but their number will decrease if an enemy touches you, and will increase if you catch some bonus. If it goes to zero, you lose a life, from the three that you have at the beginning of the game.

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